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Overview: The internet is in the process of contributing to a massive transformation of education at all levels. It is bound to supplement and/or replace the bulk of traditional physical institutions and their exceedingly high costs that encumber graduating students with decades-long loan obligations. Furthermore, it is likely to accomplish this by providing education that is in many ways superior to traditional schooling. Most importantly, web-based education will offer the very best educational materials and resources to the very poor as it will to everyone throughout the social hierarchy -- nearly the same educational opportunities will become available to all. Thus, these online resources, instead of pampering the affluent and well-connected, will reward students from all walks of life who are non-conforming, self-motivated, and wise enough to select subjects that have high economic value in today's highly competitive world job market. These pages are designed to provide a glimpse into this forthcoming educational upheaval.

Public-school, college, and university institutions in the U.S. typically create social climates and educational values that channel students toward "softer," easier disciplines and away from the "more difficult" fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. This is amply evidenced by very low percentages of U.S. university graduates in the latter disciplines. In contrast, online educational resources are less likely to promote choices of softer disciplines that have little marketable value in today's highly competitive world. Indeed, some of the very best online resources are those that focus on the hard sciences.Most importantly, online educational resources can be used easily and at a small fraction of the cost of classroom education to supplement traditional schooling or to serve as the primary medium of education.

The following listing of resources includes free online educational resources ranging from K-12 classes through university-level courses. However, some fee-based services are included also and should offer parents additional choices for their children. Additionally, a few private and off-line schools (i.e., traditional classroom-based schools) are mentioned because of the very high quality of service they provide.

Online Advanced High-School, College and University Courses
Free and Fee-Based Online K-12 Schools
Basic Skills Needed by All Students
Boundless Benefits of Online Education
Potential of Online Education for Reforming Education

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